Image of the Week - December 23, 2003

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Asphalt Concrete Microstructure Analysis

The figure shows asphalt concrete microstructure used in the study of asphalt pavements. Aggregate (stones) and mastic (asphalt plus fines) proportions and aggregate gradation were obtained by Image Pro Plus package. The information is used in a Discrete Element Modeling to predict fundamental properties such as complex modulus and creep compliance. In the model, aggregates and mastic material phases were modeled with bonded clusters of discrete elements.

This image was obtained from optical flat-bed scanning using the Epson Expression 1680 in the VMIL and the size is 106 by 86mm. The maximum aggregate size is about 12.5-mm.

Zhanping You recently passed his defense and is now officially Dr. Zhanping You. Congratulations from your friends in the ITG!

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